Compact but spacious, this Tiny Home has full size shower, oven and washing machine, working with the client Tiny Homes Perth provided concept to completion.

Personalised service with custom design

Have an idea? Talk to Simon at Tiny Homes Coast to Coast today, because at Tiny Homes Coast to Coast we can turn a simple idea into reality.

Our services include finding out exactly what kind of Tiny Home you want. From a simple sketch, a picture or even bullet point comments, we will consider all of your thoughts and ideas. At Tiny Homes Coast to Coast we consult you about your wants and needs, your lifestyle, location and the purpose of your Tiny Home, so that we can create the perfect accommodation for you. Using this information we create a concept and devise a floor plan best suited to your needs.

After we have discussed your design, we then create a 3D drawing of your Tiny Home to give you a better idea of how the finished product will look.

Alternatively, if you already have a completed design, Tiny Homes Coast to Coast can give you a building quote and suggest ideas to improve the design to ensure that the Tiny Home is constructed of materials suitable for towing.

There is no commitment at this early stage, we only offer you our help, inspiring you to get started on making your dream of living the Tiny Lifestyle a reality.

Don't want Tiny Homes Coast to Coast to build the entire home? Ask about our Lock-up version which allows you to bring the interior of the home to life after Tiny Homes Coast to Coast has finished the hard work of completing the external shell for you!


Simon Joiner (Owner / Principal)

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From a small idea, we can create an affordable lifestyle just for you.

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High ceiling with double loft design

Tiny Homes Coast to Coast works with it's clients to make their ideas a reality. In order to bring our client's brief to conception, we ask them some questions to help us identify their specific needs, wants and goals:

* What type of lifestyle do you have; what kind of lifestyle do you want?

* What function do you plan to use your Tiny Home for? (eg. Granny flat, retreat, complete home)

* Where do you propose to locate your Tiny Home?

* Do you plan to keep your Tiny home in a permanent location, or will you be moving around? (eg. staying on a farm, going 'off-grid', regularly changing location)

* What type of elevation would you prefer?  (eg. contemporary, traditional, modern, rustic)

* Where would you like the main focal point /hub of your home to be? (eg. kitchen if you love to cook )

It is through the answers to these and further questions that Tiny Homes Perth is able to produce a concept floor plan and elevation drawing. In listening to our client's comments and ideas, we can generate a 3D render of the proposed design, enabling them to gain a better insight into how the Tiny Home will look. We continue to work through the design, making any changes necessary until it fits the client's brief.

See photos below: Completion3D Render Floor plan and Elevation

Lock-up design for the client to complete

The following design is for a Tiny Home built to Lock-up stage. At Tiny Homes Perth we provide a 3D render, working with the client to provide them with a vision which they can complete.

In order for windows to be installed in the correct locations, these 3D renders are an extremely important concept.

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Lock up design

Owner to complete

Cut through of Lock up option

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