The Roaring Meg

Creating an experience for our clients when building a tiny home involves using different products to bring their dreams to life. Recently we have been lucky to have been involved in two different amazing builds. 

Tiny Home

We were fortunate enough to be the first in Australia to order and receive a fireplace from the Roaring Meg New Zealand. This is no ordinary fireplace. This fireplace has been designed and manufactured to suit a Tiny home, and it will surprise you that it can still heat up a room as large as 50sq/m. 

Installing two of these fireplaces in client builds, the positioning and use of the fire creates an atmosphere like no other. It truly does feel like you are in a cabin in the wilderness.

Being innovative is something that Tiny Homes Perth prides itself on. We like to be different and to do things differently. Our clients are the inspiration and the dreams are endless. The personal experience of building with Tiny Homes Perth is one that you won’t forget. 

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Tiny Homes Perth

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