The Tiny Home Movement 2020

The Tiny Home movement continues to grow, with the Australian Tiny Home market growing. From affordable living, alternative lifestyle and investment by way of AirBNB we continue to get similar questions, please find below to further assist in your Tiny home dream or give Simon a call for some free advice! 

A Tiny Home is classified as a caravan under Australian legislation. A Tiny Home when registered can be towed and taken wherever you wish. Now,

      What is the process of designing and building a Tiny Home?

      How long does it take?

      Can I design my own Tiny Home?

With so many questions, today we are here to help you. Starting in 2018, Tiny Homes Coast to Coast had the idea of providing an individual design service working hand in hand with our clients to design and individual bespoke Tiny Home suited for lifestyle, materials and budget. One of our favourite things is to see how each of our homes are so different, the Tiny Home is a representation of who they are as a person and where they want to be in the future.

Here at Tiny Homes Coast to Coast the process of designing a Tiny Home starts with an initial consultation. During this time  many things will be discussed including intended location, use, size of the home with importance of budget. These are the most important aspects for both client and Tiny Homes Coast to Coast to understand before we go away to draw / design a few designs. From here, several designs will go back and forth to ensure we create the perfect Tiny Home for you. To compliment the drawing we provide a basic 3D render to bring your design to life.

With several display Tiny homes available for viewing and client homes under construction these further inspire the clients.

From day one of the build, it can take up to 13-16 weeks to produce a high-quality home. We highly encourage the owner of the Tiny Home to visit on a weekly basis to watch their home turn into their dream. If this is not possible we provide an update inclusive of photos.

Building a tiny home with us is a very personal journey and this is part of our story making and building a new story , from raw materials you can see your Tiny Home turn into a beautiful home

We hope this has given you a little insight of what it is like to build your tiny home with us, just remember that the possibilities are endless, and a dream is never too big, now don’t forget ‘small homes BIG ideas’.

 We are always up for a chat to assist those at the early stage of design, even those who intend to build their own but are unsure how to start or complete their Tiny Home dream. especially if it is about designing your dream Tiny Home.


Thanks, Simon

Tiny Homes Coast to Coast

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