Using a Registered Tiny Home Builder

Today I thought I would provide some insight to working with a Tiny home builder, at Tiny Homes Perth / Tiny Homes Coast to Coast we like to tick all the boxes.

As the industry starts to gain momentum it is important we understand the regulations not only to construct a Tiny home but those wishing to build on behalf of someone inclusive of a trailer, they are to be a Dealer registered under the Motor Vehicles trades Act 1973. (Failing to do so can produce a $50,000 fine)

When you purchase anything we all want to make sure we receive the regulated service along with the assured warranties.

A Tiny Homes Licensed builder must have this, so it protects your hard-earned investment.

At Tiny Homes Perth / Tiny Homes Coast to Coast we believe we offer the right experience such as:

  • We are a registered dealer under the Motor Trades Act, 1973.
  • We design and fabricate our own trailers suited to the marriage of frames and trusses.
  • We design and fabricate wall frames and roof frame.
  • We provide a 12-month warranty!
  • We provide a 24-month structural warranty!
  • We provide a fixed price contract.
  • We include registration and dealer delivery.
  • We use licensed Plumbers and Gas fitters.
  • We use licensed Electricians.
  • We comply to all Australian Design rules (ADR).
  • We even deliver your Tiny Home to you upon completion (up to 70km)?

The above is just a small part of the Tiny Home journey, make sure you use a registered Tiny home builder to protect your investment.

At Tiny Homes Perth / Tiny Homes Coast to Coast we provide “small homes BIG ideas”.

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