What are Tiny Homes called?

Here at Tiny homes Perth we have added our own spin to the definition of the word TINY:

Affordable living, simple living, teenage / granny flat living, weekender living, farm accommodation and pop-up community. We can forget the old favourites including ancillary accommodation and spare room - these are just a few names used to refer to accommodation outside of the main dwelling.

All of the above require the extra space that can be found in a Tiny Home. So whether it's for one person or two, a Tiny Home can provide you with all of your day-to-day needs. Want a full-sized bathroom or kitchen? Tiny Homes Perth listens to your requirements and provides you with a concept ready to design before pricing. Tiny Home living is about living life, therefore a free-flowing design and lifestyle is easy for us to create.

Contact Tiny Homes Perth - you wont be disappointed!